You have a LIFE race to run!  This is the PIT STOP to let the health experts in this area service you, so you can take that next lap feeling great!  Don’t settle for “good enough”!  Feel GREAT!

What to expect

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Read a sample bite of the flavor and style of personal trainers, instructors, classes, gyms, health programs, events and professionals in this area!  Follow the blog to discover what or who resonates with you, and can be part of your personal crew to achieve your highest physical potential.  Blog posts are published twice monthly, every 2nd and 4th Monday!



(Photo above courtesy of MissGhealth~Gloria Jaeger Albanell.)

Hey I’m Shannon Kralik.->  I’m probably a lot like you and am juggling A LOT of other “life” things.  The biggest temptation is to cut corners on our own health to keep everything in motion.  After all… we feel “good enough”!  This blog is about feeling GREAT and being intentional to ensure we are operating at our highest potential!


(Photo below courtesy of MissGhealth~Gloria Jaeger Albanell)


How to make a passion your road to better health

Emily Alrick was a fashion design student when she kept getting randomly asked if she was a bellydancer.   Feeling a little burnt out on the design world, she came across a bellydance class while walking around Ashland, Oregon.  Curious to know if the earlier questions were a compliment, as she first imagined something more on the …

One popular practice to train your brain to leave work… at work!

You will probably roll you’re eye’s when you read the solution I’m suggesting because… it’s so “old news” and maybe even promising things you think are a little bit hyped.  SO!  Before I say what I’m suggesting you try to mentally train yourself to be more present to the task you are on instead of …


(Photo above courtesy of Delta Life Fitness.)

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