Going Beyond Using a Gym Membership to Gain Back Your Health

Do you find your only disciplined in gym attendance, after slacking off so much your feeling sick again?  Are you discouraged because you’ve broken so many promises to yourself to get in shape, and now January is right around the corner to repeat the vicious cycle again?  This is an interview with a local individual who has established the habit early in life, of attending to the important, but not urgent things before life would force him to focus on his health via, a health crisis.  Here are his tips for gaining the mindset that get’s you past the temptation to wait for a crisis.

Jerry De La Fuente is the son of personal trainer at the YMCA, also named Jerry De La Fuente.  Jerry’s father nominated him as a great interview for this blog as someone who inspires and challenges him in his fitness.  Jerry is finishing up his degree in criminal law, has been an MMA fighter, is taking on his first job in his degree field, and uses the gym as a way to keep himself sharp and practicing being the best he can be.  He is 21, so he says he doesn’t relate to using fitness as a way to keep his blood pressure down or any other physical deterioration.  He was active in high school sports, and so the habit of getting to practice no matter how busy he was got established, if that meant getting to wrestling before school or after.  The requirement to  hustle and prioritize it was not even questioned.  Now managing college, work, and a social life, Jerry brought that mindset with him into the real world.  If life speeds up, he gets up earlier.  He has taken 6 months off from hitting the gym before, but he says the urge to fight mediocrity always has him coming right back to lifting and growing himself.  The peace of mind of simply knowing he is doing every thing he can, to be the best he can be, is motivation enough to get back in gear.
Jerry first discovered the power of lifting his senior year, after committing to it long enough to see results.  He put on 30 lbs and went from being one of the little guys on the team to one of the bigger.  He says social media might be bad thing for some people who get caught up in the comparison game, but things like Instagram have been a wealth of inspiration and motivation for him.  He follows the lifters and athletes he admires.  YouTube is where he learns all the tips and tactics to try at the gym.  He believes having a visual goal of someone’s footsteps to follow is helpful to stay directed and focused.  The simple and vague goals, like making it to the gym 3 times a week (aka: my goal), he would challenge with “What good is getting to the gym if your not using the time to work hard?”   He says it’s always great to see new people at the gym, and does what he can to make them feel welcome.  He encourages women to lay aside the fear that lifting might make them too bulky.  That is a years-away kind of worry!   Jerry uses the Medford YMCA for lifting and Rogue Combat Academy in training for MMA.