What is a Barre class?

Barre is a great class if you are not mentally prepared for the push and noise of work out like cycle or zumba.  Barre really is like a perfect marriage between yoga and Zumba.  Instead of the latin/hip hop styles, Barre is all the poise and grace of ballet and the zen of yoga, crafted to modern music that still had you jiving like you do in Zumba.

If you were to peek into a Barre class, you might have the urge to feel like it’s not going to give you your moneys worth.  Here is the test:  Place your heals together, then go up on your toes.  Keep your heels together.  Bend and widen your knees like there is a wall touching your nose, now pulse up and down for a minute.   After that, grab a mat and get on all fours.  Straighten and raise one of your legs, keeping your toes pointed.  Now draw a circle the size of a milk cap with your big toe as quickly, but smoothly as you can.  Repeat 10 times, then reverse directions.  If you didn’t feel a burn in your thighs and your milk cap circle was a graceful as a ballet dancer each time, well, maybe you should teach this class.  But if you felt a burn in your thighs, imagine doing more of this type of stuff for an hour.  And if you were stunned at the coordination required to ask your foot to move so delicately without being able to watch it, this class offers not just the muscle work out, but the flexibility and coordination training to move like your NOT exhausted.   Just like in Zumba, you feel the pressure to move to the beat and look good while doing it, forcing you to give it your best.

Note: I took Gloria Jeager Albanell‘s Class, at Society One Fitness.